People will not become vegan because plant-based diets are boring, bland and unappetizing.
Many common foods are already vegan; bread, pasta, rice, fruit, vegetables and so on. All of these foods can be prepared in several ways, and other foods can be made vegan with simple ingredient substitutions. Beyond that, many cultures have long traditions of flavourful plant-based cooking, and these offer the opportunity for vegans to expand their culinary palates. So switching to a plant-based diet is not about losing good food experiences, it is only about learning new habits and finding new favourites.
Some people fear that transitioning to a plant-based diet means they will be forced to eat nothing but tofu and lettuce, which also means they will never be able to eat ‘real food’ again. But vegans eat a variety of foods, both unhealthy and healthy. You can go vegan in a way that greatly improves your health, but you can also go vegan on a diet of convenience and snack foods. The simple truth is that plant-based diets are so diverse that vegans never need to eat foods they dislike. However, even if it were true that vegan food was boring, bland and unappetizing, this would still not stand as an ethically defensible reason for needlessly killing sentient individuals in order to eat their flesh and secretions.
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