Animals Are Not Intelligent Enough To Matter
Animals Eat Animals, So I Will Too
Being A Non-Vegan Environmentalist Is Enough
Canine Teeth Make Me A Meat Eater
Eating Animals Does Not Cause Disease
Eating Dairy Products Is Not Unethical
Eating Meat Is My Personal Choice
Eating Meat Is Natural Because We Are Omnivores
Eggs Are Not Unethical
Going Vegan Is Too Hard
Going Vegan Makes No Difference
Honey Is Not Unethical
Humans Would Starve In A Vegan World
I Do Not Need To Be Vegan To Love Animals
I Honor The Animals I Eat
I Only Eat Humane Meat
I'm On Top Of The Food Chain
My Religion Allows Eating Meat
Our Early Ancestors Ate Meat
Our Traditions Allow Or Require Eating Meat
Plants Are Alive
Using Wool Is Not Unethical
Vegan Food Is Boring
Vegan Parenting Is Brainwashing
Veganism Is A Fad Diet
Vegans Cannot Get Enough B12
Vegans Cannot Get Enough Iron
Vegans Cannot Get Enough Protein
Vegans Kill Animals Too
Vegans Would Eat Meat On A Desert Island
We Need To Test On Animals
You Cannot Be 100% Vegan