About Us

The Project

The Your Vegan Fallacy Is project is a community-driven effort dedicated to correcting misconceptions about veganism in approachable and unambiguous ways. Conceived by long-time vegan advocates Sean and Ceallaigh, it provides a resource for fostering productive discourse between vegans and pre-vegans. The work you see on this web site is the combined effort of many people; web developers, editors, translators and artists, and because this is a vegan knowledge base, special effort has been made to ensure that each of them self-identifies as vegan. This means that every concern or critique about veganism is taken seriously and answered respectfully.

The Community

The Your Vegan Fallacy Is project is primarily concerned with helping pre-vegans past their misconceptions about veganism, so their needs are at the forefront of our web site content decisions. However, the information here also serves new and long-time vegans by providing answers to commonly-asked questions about veganism and by highlighting quality vegan resources.

Art Work

Most of the notable art work on the Your Vegan Fallacy Is web site is the result of Swiss artist Joy Mathys' (a.k.a. Riventear's) dedicated efforts. You can find other examples of her work on Deviant Art. Sean created many of the individual fallacy icons.


While the writing on the Your Vegan Fallacy Is web site is a group effort, it undergoes an editorial review process prior to publication, and Ceallaigh spearheads this effort. A long-time vegan with a Master's degree in English, she is well-qualified for this role.


The Your Vegan Fallacy Is project caters to an international audience, and efforts are ongoing to translate content. Of course, we are always interested in expanding the available languages, so do let us know if you would like to volunteer as a translator. You must be a fluent English speaker and a native speaker of the destination language with some level of higher education in that language.

Many thanks to the following translators for their efforts so far:

  • German: Hans
  • German: Constanze
  • German: Daniel
  • Spanish: Andrea
  • Portuguese: João Madureira
  • Portuguese: Mônica M. Klein
  • Portuguese: Aurora Queiroz

Web Work

Triskele Media Inc (T.M.I.) provides all of the web site development and hosting services for the Your Vegan Fallacy Is project via Sean. In addition to being the CIO and lead developer at T.M.I., he is a Zend Certified PHP Engineer with two decades of development experience in a variety of languages, databases and technologies. Much of the last ten years he has focused on Drupal development -- the platform the Your Vegan Fallacy Is project is built on.


The Your Vegan Fallacy Is project links to many resources for the topics covered on the web site, and of course, uncountable hours have gone into the creation of these videos, podcasts, images and articles. We are so thankful to the vegan authors who post their content in free-to-use forums such as YouTube and SoundCloud and who have permitted us to mirror and link to their work.