Join Us

Are you interested in lending a hand to the Your Vegan Fallacy Is project? If so, we could certainly use your help!

It is pertinent to note that this is a fully vegan project, so we do ask that our volunteers presently self-identify as vegan. In part, this is to help ensure the quality of our content. After all, who but vegans can define veganism best? We also want to accurately claim that the Your Vegan Fallacy Is project is a fully vegan endeavor because we very much want to support the vegan community.


We need volunteer translators! Our goal is to translate the web site into every language. At the same time, we are keenly interested in maintaining the quality of our content. Therefore, we ask that each translator be a fluent English speaker and a native speaker of the destination language with some level of higher education in that language. Whenever possible, we also hope to have two translators for each destination language, each of them proactively cooperating to identify opportunities for improvement in style and message.

To get started as a translator, you will first need to join us on discord. Then you will need to both introduce yourself and apply for translator rights. The Your Vegan Fallacy Is project is ready and able to add web site support for your destination language, and we look forward to meeting and working with you.


Are you handy with a turn of phrase and familiar with pre-vegan misconceptions about vegan issues? If so, then we could use your help identifying vegan fallacies and adding them to the Your Vegan Fallacy Is project. Our goal in this regard is to address logical stumbling blocks to veganism in the specific, condensed format used on the web site now.

In terms of process, a vegan fallacy is drafted first, and then the content is reviewed, edited and translated by volunteers while the graphics set for the fallacy is created. Finally, the web team creates short and long URLs, and the new vegan fallacy is published. So regardless of your skill level with any particular aspect of the workflow, please be assured that there is a place for you on the Your Vegan Fallacy Is team! To begin, please join us on discord and post an introduction of yourself and a request to be upgraded to a Contributor role.

Resource Aggregation

While the fallacies get a lot of visibility up front, the real strength of the Your Vegan Fallacy Is project is the resource set listed with each one. These items are carefully selected for their applicability to the topic, their effectiveness in communicating and advocating the point and their appropriateness for all viewers. Further, care is taken to ensure that each piece of content is either free to use and share or that special permission is obtained to use it; we are keenly interested in respecting the copyrights of others.

There are so many valuable resources for vegan advocacy on the Internet that it is impossible for us to research them all, so we need volunteers willing to investigate and recommend resources for inclusion on the web site. If this is the sort of work that interests you, please join us on discord, post an introduction, and a request to be upgraded to a Contributor role.

Resource Authorship

On the other hand, perhaps you are a vegan who has already created responses to one or more of these fallacies and would like to see your work listed on the web site. If so, we are keenly interested in working with you. Please join us on discord and introduce yourself so that we can chat about how best to bring our ideas together.