Going vegan is too difficult and complicated for the average person, so it is not reasonable to expect that people can or will go vegan.
Because veganism is the philosophical position that harming animals is wrong, going vegan means changing your life in ways that minimize this harm. The most important way you can do that is to remove animal products from your diet. Another important way is to stop wearing animal products such as leather and wool. Another is to avoid entertainments that involve animals, such as circuses and zoos. But while these might seem daunting tasks when viewed together, they do not have to be undertaken all at once. Most vegans transition to veganism slowly, bringing incremental changes to their lives over time that are easily integrated. You can do this, too.
Where it concerns food, you might begin by replacing your milk and butter with plant-based alternatives while you decrease your cheese and meat consumption. Then you might replace your dairy cheese with non-dairy cheese or perhaps give it up altogether. Finally, you might replace your meat with beans, lentils and tofu. Yes, you will begin to cook differently, but this will happen over a period of time in small steps. Where it concerns clothing, transition is often easier. Some new vegans remove all animal products from their closets, but others replace leather shoes and wool sweaters with vegan alternatives as they wear out. You can do this too, which lowers the cost in money and time of making your wardrobe vegan-friendly. Finally, it is easy to avoid circuses, zoos and other forms of animal entertainment. Simply choose to spend your entertainment budget elsewhere. Yes, it is easy to continue exploiting animals, since there are so many opportunities to do so in our culture. But there are opportunities to express your compassionate values as well, and every step you take along that path is a step toward veganism.
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