Making milk is a normal and natural activity that cows do not suffer or die from, so eating dairy is not an ethical issue.
Suffering and death are required components of contemporary milk production. Cows are force-bred annually to produce milk, which translates to well over 200,000,000 calves per year worldwide. Female calves are raised to be milk cows, while male calves are chained in tiny pens where they cannot turn around until they are slaughtered for veal at just a few months of age.
Regardless of gender, cows are not permitted to raise their calves, who are removed from their mothers by force on the day of their birth, causing tremendous emotional distress to both parent and child. Worse, a cow's natural lifespan is about twenty years, and she can easily produce milk for eight of those years, but the constant breeding, disease and stress of dairy farm life wears her out by the time she is five years old, when she is slaughtered just like every other cow. All of this takes place on large factory farms and on small, bucolic family farms. Dairy cows and their calves suffer no matter where they are born and raised.
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