Laying eggs is normal and natural for chickens, and they don't suffer or die from giving us eggs, so eating eggs is not an ethical issue.
Eating eggs supports cruelty to chickens. Rooster chicks are killed at birth in a variety of terrible ways because they cannot lay eggs and do not fatten up as Broiler chickens do. Laying hens suffer their entire lives; they are debeaked without anesthetic, they live in cramped, filthy, stressful conditions and they are slaughtered when they cease to produce at an acceptable level.
These problems are present even on the most bucolic family farm. For example, laying hens are often killed and eaten when their production drops off, and even those farms that keep laying hens into their dotage purchase hen chicks from the same hatcheries that kill rooster chicks. Further, such idyllic family farms are an extreme edge case in the industry; essentially all of the eggs on the market come from factory farms. In part, this is because there's no way to produce the number of eggs that the market demands without using such methods, and in part it's because the egg production industry is driven by profit margins, not compassion, and it's much more lucrative to use factory farming methodologies.
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