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Vegan Volunteers Are AWESOME!

Thank you for volunteering to work on the Your Vegan Fallacy Is project!

Once you have submitted and confirmed your email address, you will probably want to edit your user settings to change your display name, add a picture and flesh out your bio. Then you might look around the web site a bit and introduce yourself on the forum. There you will want to request permission to add, edit and translate content. With your help, we will make this web site as effective an advocacy tool as it can possibly be!

You might be wondering why the "Vegan Since" and "I Define Vegan As" fields are required. This is no accident! While the Your Vegan Fallacy Is public content is for vegans and pre-vegans alike, we are careful that all of the actual work on the web site is done by confirmed vegans; including the artwork, verbiage, editing, coding, administration and hosting (i.e. Triskele Media Inc.). If you are not yet vegan but wish to contact us, then you are probably better served reaching out to us via one of the methods on the Contact Us page.